Friday, 24 February 2012

if u fail to plan, then u plan to fail..

hah..just now is my first class of accomodation hotel.,wow!,why am in that class?it is becz am a hotel student..:D i know that,when am taking this course at first,i'll work with swasta not gov.,huhu..nothing to regret.,cz i love to be teach me to respect d others,speak nicely and properly,solve the problem and keep being humble.,eventhough for those who work with swasta,the probability of chance to get a loan is small.,but,swasta salary is more higher and good enough i thought, with the qualification, for sure.,

talking about accomodation hotel.,this is more like housekeeping department.,as a hotel student, we will learn about d whole of hotel, from the budget to the 1 - 5 star hotel.. moreover!.,we will doing the practical also., wow.. so early., but the practical was held at ums hotel itself., now, the hotel is being renovate and getting more wide and wide..

others, the day before the accomodation hotel subject is front office management.,there will be a practical also..i love it., they will be an acting for our group assignment as a guest,front line(receptionist),bellboy,and so isn it? i'll doing my best to get a better result for my hotel subject..:D

wish me luck!

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